Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Tex-Mex Meeting......In Panama

As we walked into the restaurant this young woman looked up at me and said "I read your're Terry."  Just then the man she was sitting with jumped up and walked over to greet us speaking fluent English.  We were a bit in shock....what just happened....why do these people seem to know who we are? 

Since we moved to Panama we've craved the good ole Southern comforts of Tex-Mex food.  Always on the look-out for some authentic Mexican cuisine, I'd been eyeing this new place on the main road through La Chorrera for a while now. Today after a bit of shopping I suggested that we give this place a try.  We walked into Paco's Mexican Restaurant for dinner, but walked out with two new friends and a story that warmed our hearts.

Paco's is owned by David and Stephanie who moved to Panama from Austin, Texas this past January.  They saw the need for good Mexican food and decided to open a restaurant in the center of La Chorrera.  After tempting the palates of the locals with a small taco stand, they expanded to a full restaurant.  We were greeted outside the door by a polite Panamanian girl who escorted us into the cozy restaurant and seated us at our table. 

For the next two hours we chatted with this delightful, young couple as we enjoyed our chicken enchiladas.  When living in a foreign country it's almost like bumping into an old friend when we meet other Americans.  It's nice to compare stories of life in Panama as compared to life in the states.  It was even more special since these two hailed from the Lone Star State of Texas! 

It's times like this that really make us see what a small world we live in.  Here we are living among the people of Panama, almost invisible since no one knows who we are. Then out of no where we meet a couple of Texans also living among the people and to them we're not anonymous, we are alike in some ways.  Our paths have crossed, our lives intermingled and friendships have formed....along the gringo trail.

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  1. thanks for mentioning us!!! we had a great time meeting you guys last night :)

    btw...we just made a paco's facebook page here...Facebook: Pacos Restaurante


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