Sunday, January 29, 2012

Massage Party on the Mountain.....

The gentle breeze rippled through the sheets of the massage table caressing my body beneath it.  The lush tropical jungle provided the background music, while the sun-drenched mountain vista entertained my mind.  As I lie face down on the table my ears filled with the sound of chirping birds and the wind rustling through the rain forest.  It felt a bit naughty being outside naked, under a sheet, on top of the world, ready for my first massage in Panamá.

No one thought to take a picture until the sun
began to set and it was Clydes turn.

Last week at an expat mixer in Coronado we met Shannon, a licensed massage therapist that recently moved here from Austin, Texas.  Before long our friend Sharon had booked a few massages, and Shannon agreed to come to us.  Canadian expats Sharon and Phil offered the use of their home at La Joya de Chicá, a soon to be B&B Mountain Lodge.  It soon developed into a full day massage party, with five of us booking massages, including us.  Clyde and I decided we could use a break from our hectic lives of retirement. 

La Joya de Chicá 

Since five of us booked one hour long massages with Shannon, I knew we'd be spending the day together and would need some food.  So I volunteered Clyde to make some Gringo Enchiladas and Mexican rice.  The poor fella cooked all morning and I sort of felt bad that I got him into this, but then again he'd be getting a long awaited massage, so it would be ok.  Our friend Sharon made some home made strawberry ice cream for dessert, which is Clyde's favorite, so that along with his massage made him a happy man. 

As the sunset over the little village of Chicá we relaxed even more with a few drinks, and chatted the night away.  There was a chill in the air as the mountain temperatures dropped to 66 degrees.  As another wonderful day in paradise came to an end we bid farewell to our friends with big hugs and appreciation, until next time we get together.....along the gringo trail.

For those of you reading this in Panamá treat yourself to a massage today!
Shannon Burns, Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone:  6989-1469

Prices:  Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy
                  60 minutes $30
                  90 minutes $45
             Deep Tissue Therapeutic Treatment
                 60 minutes $35
                 90 minutes $50
            Pregnancy Massage (after 13 weeks)
                 60 minutes $35
          Chair Massage...have her at your for details

      Add on to any treatment
            Peppermint Hot Towel Foot Treatment $10
            Lavender Foot Scrub $10
   *Prices subject to change, please call Shannon for current prices and services

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  1. Oh, what a perfect day! Because of the imagery of this post, I am considering to take my family to a mountain lodge or beach for our next massage session. Haha! But seriously, having a massage session with family or friends is really an ideal bonding moment that helps us forget about our worries. =)

    Quentin Edberg


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