Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year....New Friends.....

Yesterday for New Years Day we joined about 50 other expats for a house party in La Chorrera.  It was delightful to make new acquaintances and see familiar faces we hadn't seen in a while.  Everyone brought a dish to share, which made for a wide array of delectable treats to thicken any waistline.

Front of Home

Rear of Home

Lago behind home

Lago behind home

The event was held in Las Brisas de los Lagos, a gated community in the city of La Chorrera.  Jennifer and Dan, the couple hosting the party have a lovely home in a wooded area adjacent to a lake.  It was tastefully decorated with an assortment of local art, textiles and even a dugout canoe common among the indigenous people of Panamá.  Since Clyde always has a camera in his pocket, he took this as an opportunity to snap a few shots and with the homeowners permission, we gladly share them with all of our "trail-followers"  here in print.  As we made our way home we noticed everything was closed for the holiday weekend, even the local produce stands.  And traffic was backed up along the highway as the locals headed to the beaches for the long holiday weekend.

Panel of Molas

Diablico Sucio Mask

More Masks

View from up above with canoe

I thought this was the neatest thing!
No, I can't explain how or why this happened.
Today we caught up on some much needed sleep before heading out to conquer the first workout of the new year.  After that the rest of the day was spent being lazy and playing catch up on laundry and other necessary stuff.   As the night breeze blows through the curtains, I hear the melodic sound of crickets humming in the background; a gecko chirping on the windowsill and the clanging of clothes in the dryer bringing me back to reality.  And so another day comes to an end here in the land of hammocks and coconut palms.  As we take off the shorts and flip flops and pull up the sheets we drift off to siesta and dream of what tomorrow may bring, here along the gringo trail.

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