Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Castles And Kilts Of Scotland......

We remembered that we were in Scotland while eating lunch when I looked up to see a man wearing a kilt with bare legs and sneakers. He was a twenty-something just out having lunch with his family who was up refilling his drink at the self serve machine. Not far from our latest gig of house sitting abroad we were in the city of Perth headed to a castle.

Sights Around Perth, Scotland

This Man Thought We Were Taking His Picture
Photo Is Of The Barber Shop Behind Him

Kilts For Hire? Saw This One In Dunfermline And
Today Another Shop Like This In Dundee. Do You Think Clyde
Needs  To Hire One?

Our first stop today was at Elcho Castle which unfortunately was closed for the season. But since some of these medieval castles are more impressive from the outside anyway, we took a few pictures and headed to the next one.

Elcho Castle

Back along the highway we passed by lush, green rolling hills with rugged peaks in the distance. Colorful sheep and horses dotted the landscape next to large stone farmhouses that housed their owners. An impressively huge nursery called Stewarts Of Tayside dominated the roadside with rounded greenhouses full of goods. Specializing in soft fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and swedes (rutabagas), it was enough to make our mouths water in sweetness.

Our next stop was Huntingtower Castle. Once known as the Palace of Ruthven, this 15th century structure is impressive with two complete towers and a roof for viewing the countryside below. The castle features a delicately painted ceiling dating back to 1540 and painted plaster walls from the same era.

Huntingtower Castle....Makes Me Look Pretty Tiny

On our way back Clyde noticed a castle in the distance so we detoured off the highway to go find it. Turns out we were in search of Huntly Castle who's named was changed to HMP Castle Huntly when it turned into a prison for minimum security inmates. Needless to say it is off limits to the public but we did manage to snap a photo from afar without getting into trouble.
Once A Castle Now A Prison

Along the way we stopped in the city of Dundee, the fourth largest city in Scotland to explore it's architecture and enjoy a cup of cappuccino. From historic churches to old brick and stone buildings, Dundee is full of charming things to see.

Another day of exploring comes to an end as we relax in our temporary home with three adorable Lhasa apso's pooches in Dunfermline, Scotland......along the gringo trail.

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