Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Wonders Of Wales.....

Our brief ten day stay in Wales is coming to an end soon as we wrap up yet another house sit. With 400 plus castles here and four times as many sheep as people, Wales offers visitors plenty to see. The Welsh people seemed to be friendly and welcoming, or at least we think they were since we didn't always understand what they were saying. Despite English being our first language apparently we are not quiet fluent yet. There was many a time when we literally could not figure out IF a local was speaking in the native language of Welsh, or it was English. Time after time we had to apologize for not understanding what was being said to us and ask to have it repeated.

The landscape of Wales is gorgeous with lush, green rolling hills, rugged peaks in the distance and an abundance of yellow daffodils everywhere. Rugged rows of hedges create natural fence lines to keep animals in their place but don't distract from the beauty of the countryside.

The Best Rainbow Ever!

Medieval castles create an imposing shadow over the villages that they once protected below. With a bit of imagination one can almost see the Princess waiting in the tower for her Knight in Shining Armor to return from battle. And nearby the bells from the church tower ring out a melodious tune to welcome all to worship.

Tintern Abbey

Chilly, Wet And Windblown

Look How Tiny We Look Compared To This Place

Cardiff Castle

Another Building Near Cardiff Castle

Raglan Castle

The Happy Couple At Raglan Castle

From our temporary home in Maesteg we explored a coal mine, visited plenty of castles and museums, enjoyed seafront cities and made some new friends. Wales offers some of the strangest weather we've ever seen. From sunshine to rain, sleet to snow, heavy winds to hail and then back to sunshine again within a few hours time.

The Big Pit Coal Mine
Once A Real Mine Now A Museum That Gives Tours Of The Mine

Layers Of Clothes And Suited Up To Go Down Into The Mine

And Clyde Too
We Are Wearing A Head Lamp, Battery Pack And Emergency Breathing Pack

City Of Swansea Waterfront

"Tan y tro nesaf," as they say in Welsh which means, "until next time," as we travel onward to our next destination house sitting.......along the gringo trail.

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