Tuesday, March 7, 2017

From The Largest Castle To The Smallest House

Our last stop in Wales was the seaside resort town of Llandudno where we enjoyed the spectacular waterfront directly from our hotel room. We can only imagine how much this town comes alive during the summer with it's pier, white sandy beaches, gondola rides and more. Located on the Creuddyn Peninsula which protrudes out into the Irish Sea, Llandudno is considered to be the Queen of the Welsh resorts.

View from our Hotel Room

Our Hotel

Castle Conwy

Damsel in Distress at the Castle

After a restful night of sleep we headed to its neighboring town of Conwy (con-wee). The impressive  wall that encircles the medieval town is the first thing that we noticed upon entering.  Yet it pales in comparison to the imposing 13th century castle that rises high above the city center. We climbed hundreds of stairs into the towers of the castle, walked along its walls and marveled at its size, splendor and beauty.

Mussel Traps

Fish Traps

Smallest House in Britain

They would not let her go in!

I was offered the opportunity to drive this
Fire Truck

From the castle we headed further into Conwy to find the "smallest house in all of Wales." The cute little red house faces the waterfront that is complete with fishing boats, nets, traps and boats. Unfortunately though the house was closed until later in the month so we did not get to see the inside.

From one of the largest castles in Europe to the smallest house in the UK as well as the pristine waterfront, North Wales was a nice stopover for us as we continue our long drive to Scotland....along the gringo trail.

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  1. Smalest firetruck. Love your quaint hotel. Singing cockles and mussels alive, alive ho!

    1. Was trying to say smallest fire truck...these smart phones are stupid.


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