Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Piece Of Heaven

Just a few minutes from our house and about 25 minutes down a whinding, hilly country road we follow the sign to Cermeno. We turn down the road and pass by tiny Panamanian style homes with  children walking in the road proudly wearing their school uniforms.  Up the road a bit we see the tiny school with more kids nearby.  Around the next curve the two lanes almost turn into one lane as the overgrown, lush tropical trees and bushes with leaves big enough to wear as clothing hang over the road.  We spot a crew of workers with machetes whacking away at the overgrowth on one side of the road.  Both sides of the road are lined with banana trees, coconut palms, and plants that looked as though they were just bought at a local nursery.  Sounds of birds permeate the air as our drive continues into the green tropical tunnel. We make our way up and down the rolling hills stopping to take pictures along the way. 

The road dead ends at the water front with a few houses nearby.  Our eyes latch onto a tiny beach with small wooden boats scattered about.  It seems as though we've come to the end of the world.  It's so serene and peaceful, not another human being can be seen.  Endless water with gentle waves surronded by a breathtaking jungle landscape all nestled in the mountains of this gorgeous country.  In the distance we see a ship and islands everywhere just waiting to be explored.  We can only imagine how much fun we can have and what we can discover with a tiny boat or kayak.  So many islands untouched by humans, so many miles of beaches on which to dig our toes into the sand. 

Clyde and I make our way into the warm bath waters of the Pacific Ocean.  The bay is shallow and we walk a long way out before deciding to sit down in the water and relax. The waves gently rock us back and forth as we take in the beauty and peacefulness around us almost as if it's a dream.  And then reality sets in and we realize that those we left behind in the US are working right now and we're not.  Ahhh, life is good today in Panama!


  1. I love reading your adventures and seeing all of the gorgeous!!!

  2. Elaine told me that reading your blog makes her want to run away. Of course, she would want me along. The sense of adventure maybe. :)


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