Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Are Not Alone Here

Tonight we were invited to a potluck dinner at the home of Fred and Linda, two US ex-pats that moved here from California several years ago.  There we had the opportunity to meet other wonderful ex-pats from the US and Canada who like us, were crazy enough to move from their native country to Panama.  In fact Linda estimated that there are about 100 ex-pats in this area.  Each had their own stories as to why they moved here but everyone was happy with their decision and plan to stay in Panama.  And everyone seems to agree that life in Panama is much cheaper than life in the US and Canada. 

Fred and Linda had some friends from Chile there that are renting property from them.  Their little boy had his 2 year old birthday today and we got to be a part of that celebration.  It was my first time hearing Felix Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday) sung in Spanish. Also my first time seeing kids break open a pinata with a stick to get the candy inside.  The paramedic in Clyde feared the worst seeing toddlers swing a stick around to break open the pinata, but no one was hurt  in the process. 

It was a joy to make new friends and see several cultures merge together.  The Chileans spoke no English and the ex-pats spoke litte or no Spanish.  Yet somehow everyone was able to come together over a delicious meal, a few drinks and a child's birthday party. 


  1. what?! no pinata breaking ever!? dude it's awesome! cept that time I had to HOLD the pinata because we had no where to hang it...yeah nothing scarier than giving kids a stick to aim at you with...whatever I got candy out of it :D

  2. This blog is VERY interesting!!! I love reading it. Hope you continue....



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