Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just a few odd things we're noticed here that are not enough to fill a blog. 

In the grocery stores.....shoppers cannot take the carts through the lanes at the registers.  When we get on line  after putting our stuff on the conveyer belt someone takes the cart and they provide us with another one at the other end. It's a different type of cart that the baggers use to take the bags out to the car.  The area between registers is so narrow that a person barely can fit through.  But since there are very few fat people here it works for them.

We found very few pre-packaged frozen food items. There was only one Lean Cuisine entre, a few frozen french fries and things like that, but very few. And those that they did have were pricey. 

The candy section was very small, only about 8 feet of it in one aisle.  And candy bars at the registers are costly too, some as high as $2.00.  But that's a good thing since I'm too cheap to pay that much for a candy bar.

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