Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chilly In The Tropics.....

As the first light of day peeked through my bedroom window, I pulled the sheet over my body. A slight chill ran over me from head to toe as the breeze rustled through the curtains.  The past few mornings here in Panamá began with a chill in the air, as the temperature dropped to a bone chilling 74 degrees.  The low hung clouds kept the sun away keeping temperatures right around 75 all day long on Tuesday.

Found this pretty girl on an
exploratory trip thru the mountains
Tuesday continued nicely as we met up with some blog followers at a favorite restaurant.  A couple from California considering Panamá as a retirement option in the future, here on vacation with their teenager daughter.  The conversation was delightful and flowed easily as we chatted the hours away enjoying some great food. 

Going backwards to the weekend, we enjoyed time with friends and other expats at Picasso's Restaurant in Coronado.  The well known Gorgons played some rock sounds, as we relaxed the night away with a few drinks and lots of chit chat. Because my pushy husband made me get up and dance, we ended up winning a bottle of SL Seco.  Since no one was dancing, the few that did were rewarded with extra tickets which were used for door prizes, and our number came up.  The SL brand of seco is five times distilled, which I guess makes it five times stronger although we haven't opened it yet.

Last week another blog follower was in the country visiting from Texas.  He originally read my article of our move to Panamá when it ran in International Living Magazine, and just had to contact us. He entered our names into a search engine and found this blog, then was able to email us.   His story is similar to ours since he's been a cop for 26 years, like Clyde was a firefighter for the same amount of time.  By the time he left Panamá he had bought a condo and was planning to retire sooner than later.

Yesterday a visit to our friendly dentist in La Chorrera for a $21 cleaning took up our morning.  After that a walk through a HUGE produce market in the same town to pick up some great buys.  This market has produce that looks professionally grown at reasonable prices. 

We were excited to find this
HUGE fruit market

The produce looks excellent here

Nicely displayed selection

We believe this fruit is called
Rambuton also called Mamon Chino (not really sure)

Seed in the middle
not much fruit
After our mid-afternoon nap we stepped out for a night under the stars at another expat mixer in Coronado.  Made some new friends and visited with old friends over dinner.  We lucked out again and won a bottle of Argentinean wine to add to our liquor cabinet.

Some curious sheep checking
out Venus on our morning walk

We have added this hill
to our morning walk
Are we NUTS or what?
A view from the top
Sunset behind the cloud covered
 mountains from our Finca

Taken at our Finca

The weather is back to normal today as it's already 82 degrees with 94% humidity which means it's just a normal day in the tropics. No plans for today, just hanging around the property taking it easy, working on our Spanish after a morning workout for me.  Just another day of enjoying life, taking it easy, and seeing which way the mango rolls....along the gringo trail.

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