Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Strange Sounds In The Neighborhood......

Around noon yesterday Clyde yelled for me to go look out the front window, to which I asked "why?"  As I looked excitedly out the window there she stood in all of her glory.  We both stepped outside to get a better look.  I made eye contact with her big brown eyes and she looked confused, as to why we were staring and snapping photos.  Her big white ears were flopped over yet perked up with every step closer that we took.  But then I noticed she was not alone.  I counted one, two, ten, fourteen more of these big cows just roaming through the neighborhood, eating the grass in the road.  Other dogs in the neighborhood barked loudly, but ours just kept chasing a lizard, totally oblivious to the gypsy cows.

They were surprised to see us
invade their territory!

I have to look on the bright side,
at least I might not have to mow the road!

OOPS!  Spooked them!

For the past few days on our morning walks we'd notice large piles of poop in the road, and now realize that these cows must have been on the prowl for a while.  You would think someone would notice if 14 cows disappeared from their farm, and that it would also be easy to find them.  So now along with the many street dogs that roam freely, we have street cows.  We didn't think much more about the cows until we got ready for bed.  Dogs barked excitedly off in the distance and we could hear the intermittent sound of "mooos" causing their distress.  Even with the windows closed and the air conditioner on, I could hear the strange mooing sound as I drifted off to sleep.  A herd of cows was terrorizing our little neighborhood late into the night.

Onto every one's trail a little poop may fall, as we avoid the cow patties, and continue on our adventure....along the gringo trail.

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  1. I think in a way I might have an advantage to having a bit of a hearing loss if I ever move to Panama! Ray can fill me in on all the noises he hears outside--good and bad!


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