Monday, June 18, 2012

What's That In The Sky?

It's a plane, it's a bird, it's a big round yellow ball...oh now I remember, it's the sun.  In the midst of the tropical rainy season in Panamá, it's a welcome sight to see the sun out in full glory.  My pale skin was returning as the dark bronze faded away.  I knew it was time to re-color my body and visit my "happy place" on a chair, baking my body in the sun. And yes I know it's not healthy but since we live in the tropics, not far from the equator, I prefer to look like an island girl. 

After a full day of steady rain on Saturday, the next day started out with more rain in the morning.  But after lunch the sun came out so I suggested a trip to the beach for a few hours of sun for me and picture taking for Clyde.

Our sad little bohio

Beach, mountains and a high-rise condo in the background

Fishing boats relax after their morning catch

After a ten minute drive to Gorgona Beach we sunk our feet into the charcoal black sand that sparkled with iridescent sprinkles like little diamonds.  The black volcanic ash sand mixed with white sand at the waters edge created a marble like appearance.  It brought me back to Mama's chocolate and vanilla swirl bundt cakes, as the ground became a giant mixing bowl of wonder.  The tides were gentle and allowed us to play in the water without being knocked down by the surf. 

Fishing boats near the fish market on Gorgona Beach, Panama

Driftwood lies atop the black and white sand

Island girl working on my tan

Mesmerized as we watched flocks of birds fly by in perfect formation, to a destination unbeknownst to us humans.  Naturally bronzed little tykes played with sticks in the sand as their parents watched nearby. Families hung under thatched roofed bohios, swinging on hammocks or laying in the sand.  Just another lazy day in Panamá for the locals, tourists and us. 

It was nice to shower outside our house upon returning home, as we scrubbed off the black sand from our feet.  Some leftover beans, salad and fruit was our gourmet meal for the evening, as we kicked back to relax from our relaxing day. 

We had our toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, cold beer in our is good today, here in Panamá....along the gringo trail.


  1. So the tan might not be all that healthy but that sun is healthy for your soul! You need it to boost your spirits and keep you gringo trail alive :) Glad you were able to enjoy the weather, and Clyde could keep taking pictures.

  2. I was just visiting that area last week...well...Coronado. I love Panama! Greetings from Belize!


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