Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About Yesterday....

Apparently this is how our story ended up being posted in the Live and Invest Overseas Newsletter. 

To refresh your memory......Kaitlyn our classmate is the daughter of travel writer Kathleen Peddicord who owns a company called Live and Invest Overseas.  This company offers seminars and publications to those interested in moving or retiring abroad.  We have purchased some of these publications and that led us to our decision to move to Panama.  

Kaitlyn spent last Sunday with her Mom and family over a family dinner.  Mom asked Kaitlyn how her Spanish classes were going and Kaitlyn said "oh I have to tell you about this couple in my class."  She went on to tell Mom our story and her Mom asked "do you think they'd mind if I wrote about them?"  Kaitlyn told her Mom that she didn't think we'd mind.  Then her Mom asked "do you think they'd mind if we use their real names?"  Kaitlyn told her Mom that she really didn't think we'd mind if our names were put into the story, but to be on the safe side since she didn't check with us first, it was decided that they would not use our real names. And so the article was written and went out there for all to see.

We assured Kaitlyn that we were more than ok with our story being put out there.  In fact it was a nice surprise.  I sent Kathleen an email thanking her and told her that we hope to meet her in person sometime.  She did send back a reply and said she would love to meet for a drink. 

As for the rest of our day today, learning Spanish is still confusing but it's going ok.  In fact the three of us are in "basico 1" and this being only our 6th day of class and already we're done with Basic 1.  So I think we're going into Basic 2 tomorrow along with some other things that Kaitlyn requested they cover with us.  It's all ok with us since we have to know it all anyway. 

Tonight we had some Panamanian Sushi, a crunchy rainbow roll, which was actually good.  The subject came up in school and Kaitlyn told us that much of the sushi here is not good. She said they offer a Panama Roll which is served with pantacones (which are plantain chips.....or Panama's version of fries) which is a very strange thing to serve with sushi. 

For those of you new to the blog here's my explanation of "pantacones".  They take a plantain which is a type of banana.  The plantain is peeled, sliced and smashed with a fork then fried.  Then they are taken our of the pan and smashed again to make them thinner and then fried again.  The final product is soft with maybe a bit of crunch and pretty tasteless to me.  I eat them with my fingers since they are about the size of a chip and like to dip them in ketchup or salsa.  They are served with everything here and plaintain can be bought cheap at every roadside stand. 

The excitement of tomorrow is that Clyde's drivers license is supposed to be here now.  We had it mailed to Betsy's sister's workplace via Fed Ex and she will pick it up tomorrow and bring it to us at school.  We had to take this route because there is no mail service in Panama.  Those that need to get mail have a post office box which we may get at some point, but we really don't expect any mail so why bother.  Bills are paid electronically or in person here. 

Tomorrow's another day and we'll have to wait and see what's up around the next corner.... along the gringo trail.

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