Saturday, October 29, 2011

Clyde's Got Wood.....

Clyde finally found a place in La Chorrera that sells Teak Wood.  La Chorrera is a town about 15 minutes by car from the house.  He bought some teak that he's using to make a small desk for me.  We'll post the results when he's done.

This is going to be the table top

Across from the place that sells wood is some sort of produce market.  A few days ago when we were over that way I noticed pallets of bananas. Today when Clyde went to the wood place I asked him to snap a few pictures.  I seriously think that there are enough bananas in Panama to feed all those that are starving in the rest of the world.  Bananas are everywhere here!  Fortunately, I think I must be part monkey because I probably could live on them.  I love bananas, but I do realize that they're high in sugar and not the healthiest fruit in the world.

Bananas and Plaintains 

Sitting here typing I heard the ringing of a bell.  It was the ice cream man peddling on by with his little ice cream cart.

Ice Cream Man (we resisted this time!) 

Yesterday and today we have had extremely heavy downpours of rain.  The back yard looks like a lake after each deluge of rain.  I guess this is what November in Panama will be like. It's supposed to be the rainest month in the rainy season, and then it dries up for a while. 

I was kept up all night by some tapping noise. It sounded like an animal on the roof or in the walls. Clyde assured me that it's a woodpecker pecking at a plastic box on a nearby pole.  He's seen him going at it for days now and keeps meaning to take a photo.  Apparently he hasn't figured out yet that it's plastic and not a tree bearing bugs to eat. 

Yesterday we painted our new shed to match the house, so now it blends in more. Also painted the boxes that house the propane bottle and the water pump.

Tonight we're off to a Halloween Party put on by a local ex-pat group. It's a fundraiser for an organization called "Spay Panama."  Their goal is to spay and neuter the stray dogs and since this is costly, they have fundraisers to help raise money.  Panama doesn't celebrate Halloween but we did manage to find a store that had a few costumes. We had lots of costumes in Texas but we got rid of them all before we moved.

So we're off to make new friends and dance the night away.  A spooktacular night for all you ghouls and gobblins wherever your trails may lead.

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