Monday, October 24, 2011

The Box Says Blonde.......

I have a confession to make, for those of you that haven't figured this out about me already.  I admit that I DO color my hair dark blonde.  So in the past whenever I've acted like a "ditzy blonde" which can be much of the time,  my excuse was always "the box says blonde," and I'd point to my hair.  I've been coloring my hair for as far back as I can remember.  My hair was light blonde as a child and then it darkened with age. As a teenager I started with lemons while sunbathing, then the product "Sun In" also while bathing.  Then with my parents permission as a teen I started to use lightening products at home.  I've always had the impression that if I was blonde life would be better.  I'd look prettier; no one would notice I was fat; more men would want me; I could act ditzy and it would be cute etc....  Those of us fake blondes that are willing to admit it,  over the years the bleach seems goes to our brains and we do become ditzy blondes.

My first concern when Clyde first started talking about moving to Panama was "will I be able to buy blonde hair dye?"  Since so many products come through the Panama Canal there are products from ALL over the world here, including hair dye.  There are huge selections of hair dye here with brands I've never heard of before, along with my old favorite Loreal which I've been using for years.  Now that we've been here for almost two months my hair is in need of a touch up. 

Last week while at the store I picked up a box of Loreal Excellence Cream Color in rubio (blonde) with the number "7" on the box.  In the US  I was using Loreal's Preference line and this Excellence brand looked similar and they had the color I needed.  Although it had Number 7 on the box it didn't say "dark blonde" just "rubio" which is blonde. 

Since the water tends to stop working here where we live,  I waited until a weekday to re-color when less people were home using water.  I cringed at the thought of getting ready to rinse the color off my head only to find there was absolutely NO water to rinse with. 

I opened the box and pulled out the instructions along with all the products. The instructions of course, were ALL in Spanish.  I started to read them and ran to the computer to look up the words that I couldn't decifer since these are harsh, dangerous chemicals I was about to pour on my head.  Even though  I've been coloring my hair for over 30 years and I was even a licensed hairdresser at one time in my life, this was still scary!

Thankfully, the process is complete and I still have hair on my head.  I think it might be a bit darker but it will lighten once I get out into the sun since it always does.

Clyde and I are both wondering when we'll get bored and have nothing to do like retiree's are supposed to.  Today I did some laundry and lifted weights for an hour or so.  Have to make time to study Spanish and do some cardio, maybe take a walk.  Then I want to do some more writing and research on how to get published.  I also want to get into craft painting again.  As for Clyde he ran around looking to buy some teak wood, but came back without it.  He did buy some other wood to make shelves for the kitchen so we can get more stuff out of the boxes and ready for use.  He has lots of projects he wants to do around the house, as well as finding time to work out and study Spanish among other things. 

So life in Panama is keeping us busy and having fun.  When I was working I'd hear retirees say "I don't know how I ever had time to work," and now we understand what they meant.

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