Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Into Week Three......

This is week three now of waiting for the bank to write a certified check of our money, to give to the seller's of the house we're buying.  Every week they had a different excuse and now they're saying the person that has to sign the check is out of the office until Thursday.  We tried to stay on our lawyers case, since that is what we're paying her for, to get the bank to do this already. It's frustrating since we Americans can't understand why it would take so long to buy a house with CASH.  But we've talked to others living here who have similar stories to tell, so we just have to keep waiting!  The sellers do understand that it's out of our hands and that we've done all that we could. 

Another busy day yesterday as I took the dog for a morning walk toward the town of Capira.  She got a bit nervous around traffic and people, so I didn't push it for too long since she's still also getting used to me too.  Then Clyde and I took off for the gym, after which I did some laps in the pool before taking it easy in the sun for a bit.  Did a little shopping in Coronado before heading home for the day.  Had to buy a few things for the dog of course, along with some groceries. 

Back home around 4pm to find Venus waiting  patiently at the front gate, very excited to see us.  A good sign that our new friend has bonded with us, and couldn't wait for us to get back home.  A bit later we gave her a bath outside with the hose and some nice smelling doggy shampoo.  She stood nicely for the bath and didn't complain one bit.  After drying off she ran off with one of the towels frockling with it in the grass.  Clyde engaged her in a game of fetch the ball and when she'd had enough she ran off with the ball putting it in her special hiding place.  We walked her again to try out the new leash and collar we bought.

Just got an email from the lawyer that she has information from the bank.  So we are on standby to see if we need to go into the city today.  Our whole life has been on standby lately over the paperwork on this house. And the daughter of the man who owns the house has retired from the banking industry and since she's Panamanian we even tried to get her involved.  Even she can't understand the way they're doing things. 

Thinking of heading to the beach today, although it's partly cloudy.  Not sure where we'll end up as usual, but it will certainly be an adventure, since this is Panamá.  Just two gringos just living life in paradise........along the gringo trail. 

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