Monday, March 26, 2012

What's Up.....In Panamá These Days?

Just in case inquiring minds want to know our lazy days of retirement have temporarily turned into hard work!  Back in Texas since Clyde had so much time off from the Fire Department, whenever things needed to be done at home he'd be the one to do them while I was working an office job. Now since neither of us work, apparently both of us are expected to take part in the fixing up of the house we bought.  So this princess has traded in her makeup for speckles of paint all over her face.  Along with that broken fingernails, aches and pains,and paint splatters found in some strange places on my body. 

And since homes here are made from cement even on the inside, we are having to cover each wall with sealer-primer first before painting.  After several coats of sealer mixed with paint and several coats of straight paint, finally the previous color doesn't show through.  And today Clyde began the arduous process of sanding paint off the walls in the living and dining room, taking them down to the bare cement since they had some bad spots that couldn't just be repaired.



Computer Room

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom
Fortunately we both enjoy color and are not afraid to use it on the walls.  We're going for a laid back, island feel with a rustic flair.  Actually the previous owner had lots of color on the inside walls and we're just following suit and adding our own touch.

With four bedrooms, three baths, a large entryway, hallways, and a large dining room area, we've done lots of painting and have more to go.  And I got the bright idea to throw a few coats of paint on the kitchen cabinets to make them usable until Clyde can rebuild them and remodel the whole kitchen.  But nothing is that easy and before we could paint them they had to be sanded and primed first.  But white paint did clean them up for now, although the counter top is still ugly.

Temporary Cabinets

Today Clyde found an old machete in the tool shed on the property and managed to cut up a coconut he found on the ground.  It was his first time using a machete, which every Panamanian man carries on him as if it's a little pocket knife.  Clyde still managed to have all ten fingers and toes when he was finished and we munched on fresh coconut after lunch.

Some of our coconuts, just the ones on the ground
This is how a coconut tree starts
We brought home some tamarinds and some other little red fruit that we have not yet identified.  The little red fruit sort of taste like an apple, but it's about the size of a large cherry.  Tamarinds are similar to dates but grow in a long, brown, brittle pod. 

Tamarinds growing on tree

Have not figured this one out yet. 
 They're brownish and excrite a milky substance when squeezed.

Awesome Hanging Basket Plant

We love this plam tree
(notice the red branches)

There must be 100 coconuts on the ground alone, not to mention what's still in the trees.  And when the mangos are fully ripened we'll literally have hundreds of the little suckers to enjoy.  What a thrill to go outside and pluck a fruit right off our own tree!  And with all the press about coconut oil and coconut water and it's many benefits, perhaps we'll now live to be 100 or more.

The This tree is thick with Mangos, and we have others too

 Unidentified Red fruit with Tamarinds

Close up of Tamarind that has been peeled

So once again mañana we're off to color our world and make this house a home.  All the hard work will be well worth it when we're done.....and then we can hang up our hammocks, sip on a tall drink and be back on island time.....along the gringo trail.

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