Monday, March 19, 2012

We Got The Keys......

Even though we don't have the final paperwork back from the public records department on the house we're buying, we managed to get the keys.  On Saturday we met the owner at the house in Chame to decide what furniture we wanted him to leave in the house for us, at an additional cost.  He had another person interested in buying whatever was left after we made our selection, since we had already expressed an interest.  Since the house we're buying is twice the size of the house we're renting, we needed more furniture.

Hutch Filled With Pottery
 Old Dinette Set and Chairs
Leather Bench In Entryway
This Clay Pot Was Used To Hold Water When
Homes Didn't Have Any.  Small Cups Above
 Were Used To Drink From
It Also Sits In Our Entryway

Love Seat Will Go Nicely On Porch
Two Chairs Also For Porch
Another View of Chair

From the current owner we bought a wooden dining table that seats eight people and a matching hutch.  There are eight rustic, embossed leather chairs, very common in Panamá that go along with the table but several of them need repair. The entry way has a three-person wood and leather bench made in the same local fashion which we also bought, along with a twisted root three-piece living room set that will work well on the porch.  As a gift he threw in three large diablo (devil) masks and a large assortment of pottery personalized with his name on it.  The pottery must have service for 8-10 along with pots, pitchers and more.  These are the type of things sold for high prices in tourist shops that we wanted but just couldn't afford.  But since they're personalized with his name we have decided to change our name to "Arellano" since we look so much like the locals.

Large Assortment of Pottery
More Pottery
Close Up Of Plate
Notice The Name "Arellano" In The Design
Rustic Chandelier

Buying a 30 year old house is full of challenges and plenty of work to make it our own.  Yesterday we began painting closets, since they're dirty and smelly.  Today more painting, cleaning and fixing up with much more to go.  We even took Venus with us today and as soon as we opened the door to the house in she went like she knew this was her new home. But she seemed to prefer to stay outside running around after geckos, and exploring the lovely grounds.  She got lots of exercise running in and out, and all over the 1.6 acre piece of land.

Diablico Sucio Masks
These were given to us as a gift from Dr. Arellano
We will be decorating our new house
with art from Panama

Tomorrow a trip to the vet in the morning to discuss the lump on her back and a few other issues.  After that another day of working on the house to make it liveable.  Since Venus now loves going in the car we plan to take her to the house whenever we're there to make the move as comfortable for her as possible. It's so quiet at the Chame house the only thing we heard were the birds and an occasional private plane fly by.  Hard to believe that living in Panamá, a third world country to some, and we buy a house with a landing strip within walking distance.  Not only do private planes go in and out but we've been told there's also a skydiving operation there too.  Who would have thought anyone in this poor country could afford to skydive?

Excited to be able to decorate the house and give it some Panamanian flair with locally made handicrafts.  Lots of elbow grease and sweat equity are necessary before swaying in the hammock under the mango tree for these gringos.  No more lazy days for a while, just hard work and sweat getting "casa de poco locos" up and running......along the gringo trail.

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  1. I wonder how many forms you would have to fill out, how many appointments you would have to make to fill out those forms and how many months it would take if you truly did become an "Arellano"!
    Loving this blog and the details!


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