Monday, March 12, 2012

It's A Small World.......

For months now I've been posting about this gym we use that's connected to a resort with a beautiful outside swimming pool, that's owned by a Canadian couple.  Today we took our friends Phil and Sharon to the pool for a relaxing day of fun in the sun.  We introduced our friends to the owner and his wife and the four of them got to talking about where each was from in Canada. Turns out that Phil grew up in the same neighborhood as the resort owner, and they knew many of the same people.  With a country as colossal as Canada, it was quite the coincidence that paths should cross all the way across the ocean in the Panamá.

Back in October when Clyde and I attended a Halloween Party in Coronado he got to chatting with two women sitting at another table.  They were both from San Antonio, TX and he actually went to school with one of them, although she was a few years younger.  The other lived in a tiny town in Texas unfamiliar to most, but Clyde actually used to live nearby and delivered chips there as a Frito Lay Route Salesman.

It's these tiny little coincidences in life that make us realize just what a small world it really is after all.  Perhaps this will make us think differently, and treat all of those that cross our paths as acquaintances that we may see again.

On Saturday our car chugged it's way up Campana Mountain for a friendly luncheon at La Joya de Chicá Mountain Lodge.  Soon after we arrived in Panamá back in September, Linda and Fred from Chapala were one of the first expat couples that we met.  This week they have friends visiting from California that had been following this blog.  They wanted to meet us along with seeing the town of Chicá. Phil and Sharon welcomed everyone into their home with open arms for an afternoon barbecue. We spent the afternoon making new friends, and spending time with old friends while filling our bellies with food and drink.

Another trip into Panama City today to sign the final documents to buy the house.  Then the lawyer submits all documents to the Public Registry and in a week or two we should be able to close on the house finally.  Meeting the owner at the house one of these days to see what furniture we want to buy from him before he sells the rest.  And it will be nice to see the house again since it's been several months already since we last set eyes on the inside.

So here's to good friends and those little coincidence in life that make us stop and think just maybe they're not coincidences at all.  Maybe it's something greater than ourselves putting people in our paths for just a moment or a lifetime.  Until then we'll keep exploring new horizons and meeting new people here in Panamá.....along the gringo trail.

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