Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Member Of The Family......

Meet Venus an eight year old Panamanian Doberman who came to live with us today.  We know for sure that she's a Panamanian dog since fireworks don't even make her flinch.  Dogs brought to Panamá from other countries are skittish around them, but since they're so common here local dogs are used to the loud noise.  Clyde had wanted to get a guard dog after we moved into the house in Chame, but things happened sooner than expected.  Our friends kept telling us about this doberman that was left behind when it's owners had to move back to the states, and they thought we might be interested.  We saw photos, read her biography and felt it she was a good match for us.  Although she looks tough and intimidating, she's really sweet and well behaved. 

This is Venus

Clyde has had dogs for many years but not the case for me.  Having grown up with a mother that didn't like animals, she never allowed us kids to have any.  And many times even as grown ups, we follow in the same footsteps as our parents and live the way we did with them.  But since Clyde has come into my life, I've become a different person and thought bonding with a dog would be a wonderful experience.  And since our babies are grown up and far away, Venus will become our new "retirement" baby.

After we let Venus get comfortable being around us, we tried taking her for a walk.  As soon as she saw the leash she was excited, but we had her calm down before putting the lease on.  To my amazement she walked by my side, and ignored the other dogs, cars and people we passed by.  The short walk went so well that I took her out alone later that evening, and Clyde snapped a few photos on our way back. 

Out for a walk

Venus is so well behaved that she sits, lays down, and offers a paw to shake with little to no effort.  She's surrounded by four neighborhood dogs in adjoining back yards that she can interact with.  When Clyde and I sat down for dinner she did try to get her nose in the food, but we didn't allow it and had her sit near by to continue bonding. 

If she's doing this well on the first day with us I'm sure the three of us will have many happy, healthy years ahead to enjoy each other.  So now it's two gringos plus one......along the gringo trail.

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